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Powered By Faith - Living Beyond Ego, Motive And Agenda

Following a discussion with someone close, I was spiritually ruffled. A reminder that I have little chance in altering another person's behaviour. I should know better. It is my response I should consider, and not to try and control someone else, for goodness sake. It is what it is. And indeed, none of my business.

Sometimes, we just have to walk away and accept people are individuals in their personal beliefs. Even if we feel there's a clear and valid reason for speaking up. However, the emotions around this subject drove me to write this post.

I feel this message is very important in relation to being truly spiritual, closer to our maker, especially if we call ourself a 'Christian' and believe what we read in the Bible, if we indeed do read our Bible. Because there are many people who call themselves Christian and only read the Word on a Sunday because others are present. I am far from naïve.

*This message is not directed at anyone in particular. And even the examples are fictious, to protect identity. Please take from it if you feel the message applies to you, and disregard that which does not.*

The words flew out of my mind and into text very quickly. Please accept my apologies for the informality and abruptness of this post. It is never my intention to offend. I respect your beliefs. On the other hand, spiritually, maybe parts of this information does apply to anyone. I will leave this with you to decide.

So here goes...

If we are to be true in listening to what feels like a powerful spiritual prompt, akin to the ones requiring our human response, the ones we should take notice of, we should take action, get up off our butt, do something - should we not?

I feel we should listen, but also do something about it, if appropriate. Agreed? Amen?

And this is why I have written this post.

So, here it is, straight from my heart...

I would like to talk to you about egos, motives and agendas.

* Egos

* Motives

* Agendas

Those words will not leave me alone. It not only applies to me, but to every human being on this planet. Christian, religious, Bible believing, or not.

Instances have happened in my own life, as well as recognising them within others. This is nothing new. People use their egos, motives and agendas to get what they want. It happens on purpose where people are fully aware of what they are doing. It happens automatically, because we do not realise we trying to achieve our unfulfilled wants, needs or goals. You've probably met a person who would step over your fallen body at a kerbside to pick up a £5 note. Sadly, it is the way some people are made (I say 'made' quite loosely. There's a lot of badness in this human world, we know this).a

As human beings, we all have them. Egos, motives and agendas. They are our human traits, a natural resource brought to life to gain protection, gain power, gain manipulation, gain what we want and what we don't want. To look and seem better than others, to be like others, to be or feel accepted, to help others, without firstly helping ourselves, and also to obtain metaphorical food for ourselves, spiritually, through whatever means so that we reach the good power of Spirit. Yes, even stepping on a person's metaphorical head to reach their own spiritually maturity. Good or bad spirituality.

Again, I am not singling anyone out here. And, for me to recognise this information, I must have experienced it within my own life or I would not be able to write about it in the first place. I think we sometimes call it, 'the pot calling the kettle black'. Or, Matthew 7: 3-5, where it talks about taking firstly the plank or splinter out of our own eye before judging others.

I am not talking about where fear of failure is used to separate and protect from the evils in this worlds. However, the evils of this world can be very quiet, loud or somewhere in between. Those can be so very misleading. It can be difficult to discern the difference between the Holy Spirit prompts and the power of the ego, motives and agendas, of that which is not good and without good intent for self and others - for the world in which we currently live.

Incidentally, I overheard something on YouTube the other day. And that was.... '...the evils of this world savour anything left that we do not take to our maker in true heartfelt prayer.'

I am trying to say we can be mistaken into feeling led to do something when it has absolutely nothing to do with The Holy Spirit or genuine good intention. We are trying and snatching with our human needs. And like I have said, often without realising, it can be an unconscious, self preserving process. Trusting God can be difficult. It's very often fear that is propping this up whether we care to admit it or not.

I believe we are brought into this world to live a human experience, a chance to have a growth experience, and to learn and develop our spirituality. This life is only the beginning of a very very long journey. You need not agree with me, just humour me with this post and take from it what you feel is comfortable for you.

Yes, we are a product of our own life this far: the things we have learned and taken on board, ever since the day we were born. And this can have a profound effect upon who we are now and how we react and act to situations. We do this being fully aware, but more than often it is an automatic process, an unconscious process. Because at our human inner core, we want to protect ourselves. Its a natural thing to do. Its the human condition. But not the spiritual condition. I would even go so far as to say there are many many people who go out there to achieve what they want at any cost. They will model, copy, steel and pillage, to get whatever they need to make their own life comfortable, to fulfil needs, losses, or any gaps within their human experience to help make them personally feel better about their human identity. 

**That way is not engaging in a positive spiritual source. It is allowing our ego, motive, and agendas to run loose.**

I had a conversation about money this morning with my wonderful and amazing best friend of a partner. We know that money is important, especially if there isn't any. Or even if we have too much, it can become a problem. But self-preservation is a natural phenomenon if we have no spiritual connection. Proverbs 19:21-22 & 1 Peter 5: 6-7.

Let me give you an example. I once had a conversation with a priest. A lovely person. A genuine person who cared about people. When I asked her why she chose to go into priesthood. Her immediate reply was, 'well I used to be a solicitor but decided to do something completely different, and the church seemed interesting, more easy going and a rest from all the work'.

Now I am not saying that this was not her calling. I may be wrong, but if someone had asked me that question, I would have looked up to the sky and said something like, ' I really feel God wants me here right now, I am just about (I hope) right where He wants me. I don't know why or how, but when I stand in front of a congregation, words just come to me, and I nearly always seem to have people approaching me after a sermon and they wont leave me alone. So, maybe this is where God wants me.' Galatians 2:20 & John 15: 1-27.

Can you see where I am going with this post?

There are many people out there, especially in churches and 'spiritual circles', (maybe because it can hurt more in a place where we are led to trust each other deeply), who are led by egos, motives and agendas.

Yes, we are all at a different level of spiritual maturity, if we choose to be at all. We have lost and lonely days, negative days, positive days, and so on. It's part of life. And we all have different gifts and are all uniquely individual. But, if you don't hand yourself over, soul and everything to your maker, then there is a greater risk of ego, motives and agendas taking over, often without us realising (I know, I keep on repeating this - maybe because I feel it is important. You need not agree).

Humble yourself, please.

In my case, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Humble yourself before your Maker. Unless your Maker is your ego?

(Please remember we act, if it attracts people into our lives, it will have a knock-on effect upon their life at some level. So, if your hidden motive is unhealthily justified, or you are fulfilling that which is missing from your life, whether you are aware or not, the other person may receive an unintended message, and your contact could damage them.

Please be true.

Don't manipulate.

Try to know better, rise above everyone else who steels, boasts, and grabs at what they feel is right for them or another person.

Take it to God, your God, in prayer. 

Fear can be a debilitating thing.

There are many of you who are openly aware of fear, I know you are. It affects me too. Maybe you want to learn from others, people want to freely give to you. But occasionally, you may have gone too far and approached someone because they have something you need in your life at that moment.

I would say, did you check that out in prayer? Did you read your Bible? Does it 'sit right' in your heart? Did you reflect, check out your thoughts and feelings with another similar believing person? Have you a Bible? Do you conversate quietly with your Maker every day and read your Bible every day? Do you act upon Holy Spirit prompts, or your own?

Who or what is driving your bus?

However you connect to your Maker through this process, how do you protect yourself from being misled? Evil in this world is very cunning and manipulative. It can even make you believe it is a good thing, a wise thing, to take from another person when you may not be ready for that information spiritually.

I truly hope you receive some understanding of what I am trying to say.

Fear is often the base of ego, motive and agendas. Fear of not being as good, fear that you are not where God wants and needs you right now. Fear of letting go. Fear of not being you.

Fear of accepting that your life CAN be in His hands And EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

If you and I are to fully trust our Maker, in my instance, Father God, and through Jesus Christ - then the answers will come. The discerning will happen. But this can only be done, I say only, but again you need not agree, if we are STILL in God, pray every single day. Live your life as a conversational prayer. Keep the connection going. Keep it real 💯 👌 

Have you read the book Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ? By Mme Guyon?

I believe we are never alone on this planet. And if we feel we are alone, this is our human existence telling us that something is not quite right and needs to be addressed, humanly, and most probably, spiritually.

I had a wonderful email exchange with a kind person recently. You know who you are. And I would like to thank you, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, for being that channel, that messenger to me. Listening and taking a genuine action upon a prompt. 

I pray that these words go wherever they are needed.

In Christ I Have Prayed.


In conclusion: To discover your true purpose, to find your niche, don't snatch -  ask hunbly, and receive with grace and thanks giving. Mathew 7: 7-8.


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